Basic is getting closer and closer…

15 Oct

Thirty six days left till I leave for basic, and it’s starting to set in that this is finally happening. This isn’t just some far off dream.  My only concern is getting in enough shape in time, so that basic wont be total hell for me. Just half hell is enough. I’m abnormally small, not in height, but weight. My fast metabolism is a huge curse on my life. I’ve been trying to keep a steady workout routine for the past couple months and eating like crazy, and it has been working great, though I’m still wondering if it’s enough. I not so much worried about basic, I know I will do fine, I just don’t want to stick out as someone who’s having a hard time. I need to start running more, which shouldn’t be a problem because when I’ve timed myself recently I’ve been not too far from the required 1.5mile time. Still, being able to easily run during PT would be a nice way to not draw too much attention from the wrong people. Also getting my wife a car while I’m gone has been on my mind as she’s going to be going back to Vermont to be with her parents where she’ll need a good one. I’m hoping she’ll be able to take out a loan for a used SUV of some sort for those winter roads and everything will work out fine. We have a joint checking account set up where both of our incomes will go, so while I’m gone if she needs any money it won’t be a problem as my money will be readily available.  We are also looking at nice rental homes in Monterey for when we’re out there. They will be a big step up from what is the norm around here, so I think the relaxing environment will really be beneficial for my training down there. Well that’s it for today. I’ll post again soon, and thanks for reading!

Definitely deserves a car haha

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