Blood, Progress, and Wedding Dresses?

Today my wife and I had to drive a friend to a nearby college; the one I use to attend. While waiting for him I noticed the Red Cross was doing blood donations, so I decided to donate. I usually like to donate as soon as they let me after their “waiting period” before you can donate again, but I don’t go out of my way to do it, I just do it when I run into the donation events randomly like this. Of course someone had to mention that I was incredibly small and was surprised I didn’t pass out, but I get that a lot haha.  Unfortunately they couldn’t get the blood flow started so they had to mess around with the needle, which wasn’t the most welcoming feeling in the world, but oh well. We also went to a bridal shop today, where my wife tried on wedding dresses. Although we are already married, we’re still planning on having a bigger ceremony with family and friends. We just decided it would be better to get legalities out-of-the-way before basic.  My reaction to most of the dresses were “I liked the first one more” because contrary to what we were told, the first one she tried on was past our budget, which we ended up picking. We figure the dress is worth the extra money.

The One

In other news my working out has been yielding some more results as I’m getting closer to the PT requirements I am required to meet by the end of basic, so that’s good news for me. So its been the same, old same old: trying to get in shape, helping out around the house, and living life in a small town of “Nowhere”, New York.

Now as for my thoughts on Air Force matters, I still cant wait to find out what language I get.  I want one that will put me in a useful position, not a language that will be just have me tanslating stuff that will never be of much use outside of my job. I guess it doesn’t really matter as it all pays the same, however being able to feel like I’m actually doing something important would be nice.  Comments and likes would be greatly appreciated as well as feedback. Thanks for reading.

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Basic is getting closer and closer…

Thirty six days left till I leave for basic, and it’s starting to set in that this is finally happening. This isn’t just some far off dream.  My only concern is getting in enough shape in time, so that basic wont be total hell for me. Just half hell is enough. I’m abnormally small, not in height, but weight. My fast metabolism is a huge curse on my life. I’ve been trying to keep a steady workout routine for the past couple months and eating like crazy, and it has been working great, though I’m still wondering if it’s enough. I not so much worried about basic, I know I will do fine, I just don’t want to stick out as someone who’s having a hard time. I need to start running more, which shouldn’t be a problem because when I’ve timed myself recently I’ve been not too far from the required 1.5mile time. Still, being able to easily run during PT would be a nice way to not draw too much attention from the wrong people. Also getting my wife a car while I’m gone has been on my mind as she’s going to be going back to Vermont to be with her parents where she’ll need a good one. I’m hoping she’ll be able to take out a loan for a used SUV of some sort for those winter roads and everything will work out fine. We have a joint checking account set up where both of our incomes will go, so while I’m gone if she needs any money it won’t be a problem as my money will be readily available.  We are also looking at nice rental homes in Monterey for when we’re out there. They will be a big step up from what is the norm around here, so I think the relaxing environment will really be beneficial for my training down there. Well that’s it for today. I’ll post again soon, and thanks for reading!

Definitely deserves a car haha

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First Post? I think yes…

Alright so I think its time I write the first post to start this blog and get the ball rolling. Pretty much what I want to do with this blog is write about everyday adventures in my life and my experiences with it and the military. I also want to post my thoughts on movies,books,current events, and anything I might have recently bought.  Well to introduce myself I’m 19 and married and am as of writing this 38 days away from leaving for basic training for the U.S Air Force.  I’m about 5’10 and 116 pounds which is exactly what MEPS told me is my minimum weight.  If you’re wondering why I’m so skinny, it’s not because I starve myself it’s because im one of those weird people with the metabolism that’s out of control so I’ve always been really small. So as of right now in my daily routine ive been trying to eat like crazy and exercise so that I can be as prepared as possible and make basic as easy as possible for me.  I’m going to be a Cryptologic Linguist in the airforce which means after basic my wife and I will be heading to Monterey,CA.  To be honest im really pumped about being able to move out west as I currently live in the middle of nowhere in upstate New York.  I’m kind of tech a person also so I’m big into gaming and having the best tech I can get my hands on.  The computer I’m on now is a gaming rig I built myself but its a couple years old but I keep it updated so it can run all the new games. I’m thinking about getting a new one built once I’m settled into the military and get some other things out-of-the-way first.  As for games I’m currently playing Rage and Minecraft when I’m gaming. Other than gaming my wife and I have been trying Geocaching which is fun to explore areas that you never even knew existed even around where you live.  We really suck at it but at least it gets us out of the house which we really need right now as money is short as were living with my parents and currently unemployed. Well that is all for now I’ll be sure to keep posting often as to keep this as interesting as I can, Thanks for Reading.

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